"This is a true gem by Mesa culinary standards... perhaps the finest restaurant in all of Mesa! This is a place to bring out-of-towners. A place to celebrate fiesta's, and a place to get hammered on massive margaritas. The restaurant is really more of a Spanish fortress than an eatery. Oh, and good luck parking.
Tip: The back patio is muy-romantico in the cooler months."
- Michael C // Scottsdale

"Whether it is eating dinner at the sit down restaurant or getting food to take home, the food at Tia Rosa's is pretty darn good!

My personal favorite is getting take out from the little shack across the parking lot. There chicken Chimi is really delicious and very filling! Their beans are really good, and it is hard to please me with beans. The Chimi comes with guacamole, sour cream and salsa. All make great complements to the Chimi.

Their salsa are pretty tasty, they aren't that spicy, but other than that I love getting their Chips and salsa when I take my Chimi to go.

When I'm in the area I am always happy to stop by Tia Rosa's!"
- Sara V. // Phoenix